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MEC Bearings Private Limited ensures that the quality of our product is not compromised at any stage, starting from raw material testing; in process checking to final inspection. A proper and stringent quality control procedure is adopted. Here's a brief of Quality Control procedure adopted to make sure or customers receive defect free products:-


Raw Material Inspection: We require our raw material suppliers to maintain strict metallurgical standards and furnish a Test Certificate for the material we receive. Before we start production, the raw material is checked at various parameters like Ultimate Tensile Strength, Hardness, Microstructure, Visual and Dimensional specifications.

In Process Inspection: We have developed a strict systematic procedure for checking of material under production. This involves continuous checking by operators, hourly checking by supervisors and daily checking by QC in charge. In addition SPC tools are in place through out the process. The various parameters that are checked are Dimensions, Circularity, Microstructure, Hardness, Visual and Surface Finish.

Sorting: We have a separate department wherein 100% visual inspection of the products is carried out and the defective pieces, if any, are rejected at this stage itself.

Final Inspection: Finally before the goods are packed a detailed analysis of the lots is conducted by QC lab. This consists checking of Dimensions, Circularity, Roughness, Hardness, Profile and other relevant parameters.


We have a separate QC lab consisting of most advanced instruments to achieve our Quality Policy. Some of the instruments that we use are

Metallurgical Microscope with software for analysis: In order to ensure the quality of raw material received and products dispatched, a metallurgical analysis is done involving microstructure analysis, grain size checking, case depth, inclusion rating and decarb.

Roundness Tester: To check Roundness, Eccentricity, Run Out, Flatness, Parallelism, Cylindricity, Square ness, Co-axiality etc. which ensures the running accuracy and long life of our products

Hardness Tester: In order to ensure optimum and consistent hardness throughout the lot, we check hardness at different loads. We have Rockwell as well Brinell hardness tester. We have planned to install Micro Hardness Tester very soon.

Profile Projector: This instrument is used to check crowning and end drops (contour profile), radius, gage length, chamfer, blend radius and other profiles of the job.

UTS Machine: Each and every coil received from supplier is consistently checked for ultimate tensile strength and then only approved for production.

Roughness Tester: We understand that in order to reduce friction and ensure long life of our products, the roughness has to be kept within standards. Every lot after lapping operation is checked for surface finish.

MEC manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2000 Certified and we are planning to get ISO/TS 16949:2000 Certification.

UTS Machine

Roundness Tester

Hardness Tester

Profile Projector


MEC follows internationally prescribed standards (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 3096:1996, DIN 5402:1993) to ensure that the quality of products is not compromised at any stage of production.
Further these are regularly monitored by qualified personnel dedicated to this specific responsibility. 

All the relevant characteristics of the product for each production batch is monitored right from the incoming raw material to finished goods packing stage.We have a fine QC lab equipped with
Roundness Measurement
Roughness Measurement
Contour Measurement
Microstructure Analysis
Hardness Measurement
Radius Measurement
100% Raw Material Inspection
Diameter Grading

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